Cemetery: Torquay - Torquay Community

Cemetery Name: Torquay - Torquay Community
Located in RM: CAMBRIA No. 6
Owned by: Community
Location: NE23-2-12-W2
Registered Name:
Registration Number:
First Burial Year: 1911
Last Burial Year: 2017
Total Burials: 460
Last Recorded Year: 2017
Sask Residents Index Year: 2005
Religions: Lutheran/Roman Catholic/United
Name: Village of Torquay
Address: PO Box 6, Torquay SK S0C 2L0
Email: villageoftorquay.com
Phone: 306-923-2172
Notes: The cemetery was divided into 3 sections according to the church name: north section - Trinity Lutheran, middle section - Torquay United Church, south section - Sacred Heart Roman Catholic. The United Church was dismantled during the earl years, so the Trinity Lutheran Church also use this section.
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