Saskatchewan Residents Index (SRI)
The SRI is an ongoing program to index the names found in the cemetery collection, local history books, Cummins Maps, Voters' Lists and other books that list Saskatchewan residents.

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SRI Codes Key
Family Info
sp: spouse
cmp: companion
pts: parents
nc: name change
nv: name variation
aka: also known as
rel: religious names
B born (year)
D died (year)
S settled (year) (town)
M married (year)
R resided (year) (town)
P picture
F family information
L list of names (no year)
O casual mention
SRI Codes Key (Continued)
Source - Code
SGS Saskatchewan Genealogical Society Library
PAS Provincial Archives Saskatchewan
LEG Saskatchewan Legislative Library
FML Frances Morrison Library (Saskatoon)
PVL Provincial Library
RPL Regina Public Library
PKL Parkland Regional Library
SRL Southeast Regional Library
PRL Palliser Regional Library
WPL Wapiti Regional Library
CRL Chinook Regional Library
WLL Wheatland Regional Library
LLR Lakeland Library Region
PNL Pahkisimon Nuyepah Library System
SGS NE SGS North East Branch
SGS SE SGS South East Branch
SGS Pang SGS Pangman Branch
SGS Wey SGS Weyburn Branch
SGS PA SGS Prince Albert Branch
SGS MJ SGS Moose Jaw Branch
SGS Big SGS Biggar Branch
SGS CB SGS Central Butte Branch
SGS Stoon SGS Saskatoon Branch